• You are never too old

    We want you to fill this page with stories from previous Masters events that will inspire others to get up off the armchair and start taking part in sport either again or for the 1st time. Send all relevant stories to our contact us section

    A wonderful story, for instance, that I have is of an athlete that contacted me from Australia who wanted to compete in the World Masters Games in Turin 2013. I asked he age and she told me she was 78. When I asked which event she was entering she calmly said the 2000 metres steeplechase! Whilst I was entering this detail she told me that she hadn't finished yet and that she also wanted to compete in the 1500 and the 800. I could hardly believe this for someone her age but when she said again "Kevin, I haven't finished yet" I nearly fell over. She told me that she also swam and wished to enter the 100 and 200 backstroke and the 200 and 400 freestyle! She won many Gold Medals in her age group and like Zola Budd runs barefoot. If this story inspires you, please tell us more.

    Another wonderful story is of course the lady pictured below who won the shot put in the 100 - 104 age category and puts her success in reaching 100 years old to not eating vegetables!


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