• Mission Statement

    To support the Masters Sports Community through the promotion of worldwide sports participation by mature athletes of all abilities and disabilities alike.

    To this aim, we will actively promote and support the growth of Masters Sports both regionally and Internationally in order to improve the fitness and health of the Over 35 demographic and to help sustain the benefits in terms of tourism and International camaraderie.

    We encourage mature athletes from all over the world to practice sports regularly and to participate in Masters Games and competitions, with the awareness that competitive sport can continue throughout life and improve personal fitness levels.

    We promote friendship and understanding among mature sports people, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or sport status.

    Masters Games Events offer physical activity while stimulating social interaction in a festival atmosphere. They have no qualification requirements, other than the minimum age limits set by the international sports federations. There are no national teams or national representatives. Together athletes get to share a cultural and social experience while setting an example for peers and younger generations.

    The Principal of Masters Events is Shaun Millard:

            • Shaun Millard
            • Shaun Millard

              Since joining Thomas Cook in 1976, Shaun has travelled the globe extensively, organising Conferences, Product launches & Corporate groups as well as Hospitality at numerous National and International Sporting Events.

              His recovery from a heart attack in 2012 led him to consider more closely the health benefits of active sports participation into middle age and beyond. His leisure interests include walking football and for some reason minimising the hits of a small white ball. He is a Medway Health Champion and is currently studying on a degree course in Public Health Improvement.