• World Masters Games Turin 2013

    In August 2013, Torino hosted the eighth edition of the World Masters Games , the summer games for sports people aged from 35 to 100+ years .

    The sports of the 2013 World Masters Games in Torino were: Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball,  Canoeing/Kayak, Cycling (Mountain Bike, Road Race, Track), Football(Soccer), Golf, Field Hockey, Fencing, Orienteering, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Softball, Swimming, Squash , Shooting (Clay Target, Pistol),Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon,  Volleyball, and Weightlifting.

    20,000 plus participants competed in Turin for what was a genuine sports festival, with competitions open to individuals or groups over the age of 35 (25 for swimming ).  There were no competition qualification requirements.  Competitors simply paid a registration fee and paid their way in the host country (flights, accommodation, transport, meals).  Participants competed for themselves.  Professional teams were not allowed.  As with the Olympics, medals were awarded to both individual and team winners in each event.

    World Masters Games are governed by The International World Masters Games Association (IMGA), a non profit organisation, constituted under the laws of Switzerland.

    The IMGA was founded on the 25th October 1995 in Seoul, Korea. It is the successor to the earlier IMG formed by the organisers of the first and second World Masters Games to control exclusive rights to the World Masters Games since 1985.

    The members are the International Sports Federations that have their sport designated as one of the permanent sports (core sports) on the programme of the World Masters Games.

    The International Masters Games Association is governed by the IMGA Board of Governors

    Statisitics below courtesy of Wikapedia

    Edition Year Host Sports Countries Competitors Motto
    1st 1985 Toronto,  Canada 22 61 8,305 The Year of the Masters
    2nd 1989 Aalborg, Aarhus and Herning,  Denmark 37 76 5,500 Sport for life
    3rd 1994 Brisbane,  Australia 30 74 24,500 The challenge never ends
    4th 1998 Portland, Oregon,  United States 28 102 11,400 The global celebration of sport for life
    5th 2002 Melbourne,  Australia 26 98 24,886 The biggest multi-sport festival on Earth
    6th 2005 Edmonton,  Canada 25 89 21,600 A festival of sport in the city of festivals
    7th 2009 Sydney,  Australia 28 95 28,676 Fit, fun and forever young
    8th[7] 2013 Turin,  Italy - - - Sport for life, Sport for all
    9th 2017 Auckland,  New Zealand - - -  
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